W.A.T. Local History Group   for Woolfords, Auchengray, Tarbrax and area.

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Auchengray 1905
The Shale processing plant and lum. 
The shale oil was sent by rail and processed in Lanark
1933 Children's Gala. I think the houses on the left with the bing behind them are the 'Auld Rows' Photo taken from         On the right are the now demolished Crosswood  'back to back' cottages
The 'Blocks' or North Terrace on the left seen from the middle looking North. The Lum to the left and the Auld Rows to the right.
    Top picture of Tarbrax probably taken from the Cooperative
Forth district web page
Woolfords, like Tarbrax, has moved from its initial site as noted in the Forth District Web page Woolfords History
Tarbrax before Viewfield
Tarbrax 1928
seen from viewpoint on map below
Much of the information, maps, stories and history in these pages have been lifted from the compilations of David Kerr, Memories of Alexander Sutherland & company. 
Photos are from the John Kenneway collection, Ordnance Survey and some guesswork from myself. JH.